Event Title : C2 - Comprehensive Guide to Employment Equity

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The legislative amendments to the EEA and the Barnard and Correctional Services Constitutional Court cases have brought the obligations on employers to implement equity and equality to the forefront. On 15 July 2016 the Constitutional Court handed down judgement in the matter of Solidarity and others v Department of Correctional Services, dealing with the interpretation of the “Barnard effect”, the legality of employment equity plans, the setting of targets v quotas and the effect of regional demographics on appointments. Access to the CCMA for low income earners has been improved with greater risk for employers with relation to sexual harassment and equal pay for equal value claims. Every Designated employer needs to know its obligations in terms of the Employment equity legislation to avoid hefty fines or compensation or damage orders against them. Employment Equity is definitely a piece of legislation to keep track of and to understand implementation!
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11 November 2019 @ 08:30
1 day
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Public Workshop
R 2 950.00
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Johannesburg - Venue to be announced
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Longitude: 28.0517 \ Latitude: -26.1070

Module 1 : Introduction to the Employment Equity Act and EE Amendment Act

  • Definitions
  • The role and functions of the Department of Labour the EEC and the ECC
  • The Constitution and other related legislation
  • Employment Equity - 10 years down the line - amendments

Module 2 : Prohibition of Unfair Discrimination

  • Defining fair and unfair discrimination - new definition
  • Grounds of unfair discrimination
  • Harassment and vulnerable employees
  • Diversity
  • Medical testing, psychometric testing, HIV testing,
  • Disputes about unfair discrimination - CCMA and Labour Court
  • Equal pay for equal value

Module 3 : People with disabilities

  • Definition of disabled
  • The code of conduct on disability
  • Barriers, and reasonable accommodation.

Module 4 : Affirmative Action

  • Defining affirmative action in terms of the EEA,
  • How to successfully implement Affirmative action?
  • Identifying barriers in the employment environment
  • Affirmative action measures,
  • Quotas, goals and targets,
  • The analysis and consultation processes,
  • The EE Plan and how to complete and report to the DOL,
  • Defining suitably qualified employees
  • Disputes about affirmative action

Module 5 : The Employment Equity forum

  • Role, functions, challenges of the EEC - concentrating on the union shop steward and official
  • How to achieve success in the forum
  • How to change the adversarial forum into a participatory forum

Module 6 : The codes of conduct and 2014 regulations

  • Short introduction
  • The new code on HIV and equal pay for equal value
  • Fines in terms of new EEA Amendment Act 

Module 7 : General

  • General amendments to EEAA 2014
  • Income differentials
  • Protection of employee rights
  • Liability of employers
  • State contracts and labour brokers, temporary employees
  • EE and BBBEE - a synergy or conundrum
  • Case studies
  • Trouble shooting - dealing with difficult questions and situations
  • Including a comprehensive workbook, CD with regulations, documents, articles & case studies.

Module 8 : Trouble shooting

• Dealing with difficult questions and situations

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