Event Title : C19 - Protection Of Personal Information Act

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Although POPIA was published in 2013 already, we are still awaiting implementation of the act. At this stage, organisations are slowly coming to grips with the stipulations of the act and how to implement it. One of the many questions asked is whether a business will be compliant if obtains consent from the Data Subject to process his or her information? And if so, what are the requirements for consent? In this webinar, we examine the “consent” requirement and the role consent plays in the road to POPI compliance.
Start Date
11 October 2019 @ 08:30
1 day
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Public Workshop
R 2 950.00
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MBA Conference Facilities Westville, Durban, 3630
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Module 1 : Introduction

• The need for personal data protection laws in South Africa and prevailing international trends

Module 2 : General Conditions

• General Conditions for Lawful Processing of Personal Information

Module 3 : Specific Conditions

• Specific Human Resources conditions for Lawful Processing of Personal Information

Module 4 : Enforcement & Penalties

• Enforcement, Penalties, Offences and Measures to give effect to the Protection Of Personal Information Act

Module 5 : Practical Training

• Practical Training

• Solving Senarios

Module 6 : Questions & Answers

• Question and Answer Session

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