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POPIA Toolkit - Consent form - Annexure to employment contract
POPIA Toolkit - Template Consent form - Annexure to an employment contract
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Final consent form - annexure to employment contract EDTP SETA.docx
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Johanette Rheeder
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Introduction: During the course of employment with ETDP SETA Pty Ltd (ETDP SETA) will come into contact with and process the personal information (PI) of its employees. In order for ETDP SETA to process the personal information of its employees as required by law or in terms of the ETDP SETA business operations, you, as an employee is required to consent to certain processing actions and to take notice thereof as regulated by the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA). You hereby acknowledge that the Personal Information (PI) supplied by you, to ETDP SETA is correct, accurate, up to date and not misleading. You agree that you did not deliberately withhold any PI from ETDP SETA, which may have an effect on the employment / prospective employment relationship with ETDP SETA. You hereby indemnify and set free the ETDP SETA from any liability to you or third parties relating to any incorrect or misleading information you supply with relation to your PI. You hereby consent to ETDP SETA processing your PI or further process your PI for its legitimate purposes as set out in the information documentation supplied to you. The reasons for processing or further processing may be amplified from time to time. By submitting this PI to ETDP SETA, in any form or means, you agree that you do so voluntarily, and that the supply of PI constitutes an unconditional, direct and specific consent to ETDP SETA to process your PI in terms of its legitimate and operational requirements. In doing so, you have noted and understand the obligations as explained above, and you have used your right to question or obtain more information or clarity of your rights and the purpose of the collection and processing of your PI.