Course Name
DL16 - Dealing with Grievances in the Workplace
Course Description

Grievances and conflict in the workplace cannot be avoided. It is part and parcel of a manager’s functions to resolve conflict and grievances in the workplace. This presentation is designed to provide employers with practical steps and procedures to identify and resolve conflict and grievances between employees and managers in a pro-active and successful manner. 

1 module

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Module 1 : DL16 - Dealing with Grievances in the Workplace

This three hour workshop is designed to provide employers with a synopsis of the amendments, and new Acts, equipping them with enough information to plan ahead and not be caught off guard by these comprehensive amendments.

Module 1, Session 1: Structures and procedures to resolve employee grievances.

  • Grievance structures and procedures
  • Communication structures and processes

Grievances Framework

  • Conflict
  • Occurrence of conflict within the workplace
  • Identify the causes of conflict
  • Differences between destructive & constructive conflict
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Grievances
  • Need for a Grievance Procedure
  • Possible causes of grievance
  • General effects of grievances on the workplace

Module 1, Session2: Establishment of Procedures

  • The Grievance Procedures
  • Objectives of a Grievance Procedure
  • Principles of fairness
  • Principles underlying grievance handling
  • Grievance Procedures in Practice
  • Grievance Procedure within a large, hierarchically structured organisation
  • Reasonable and practical time frames
  • Ensuring effective grievance procedures
  • Formalised grievance procedures
  • Prerequisites of a formalised grievance procedure
  • Sample of Grievance Policies and Procedures
  • Grievance Form
  • Decision / Response from Manager Form

Module 3, Session 3: Implementation of the Grievance Framework

  • Communication with relevant stakeholders to ensure participation and commitment
  • Capacity building with relevant stakeholders
  • Flowchart of grievance process in a large organisation

Monitor, adjust grievance application and evaluate, analyse and address grievance patterns

  • Process for monitoring compliance and effectiveness
  • Grievance procedures complaint to legal requirements and codes of good practices
  • Evaluate, analyse and address grievance patterns
  • Grievance patterns