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Subject Recorded Date Presenter Duration Price
Collective Bargaining Challenges 06 Feb 2018 Johanette Rheeder 64 Min R115.00 Details
Employment Equity Planning & Reporting 07 Nov 2017 Johanette Rheeder 43 Min R115.00 Details
Investigating Misconduct 30 Jan 2018 Johanette Rheeder 70 Min R115.00 Details
POPIA & Consent – is that all you need to be compliant? 13 Feb 2018 Johanette Rheeder 43 Min R115.00 Details
Basic Labour Relations 16 Jan 2018 Kellie Hennessy 65 min R115.00 Details
Lawful & Unlawful Deductions from Salary 02 Jun 2016 Kellie Hennessey 32 min R115.00 Details
Requirements to Prove Constructive Dismissal 20 Apr 2016 Kellie Hennessey 36 min R115.00 Details
Chairpersons - Do's & Don'ts in a Disciplinary Hearing 12 Jul 2016 Johanette Rheeder 61 min R115.00 Details
Sanctions - When to Dismiss or Give Warnings 21 Jul 2016 Kellie Hennessey 75 min R115.00 Details
Abuse of Sick Leave 15 Mar 2016 Kellie Hennessey 45 min R115.00 Details
CCMA Rules & Practice 01 Mar 2016 Kellie Hennessy 62 min R115.00 Details
Restraint of Trade 16 Feb 2016 Kellie Hennessy 41 min R115.00 Details
Workplace Bullying 02 Feb 2016 Johanette Rheeder 38 min R115.00 Details
Retrenchments in terms of the new LRA amendments 09 Feb 2016 Kellie Hennessy 41 min R115.00 Details
POPI Act - (Protection of Personal Information) 26 Jan 2016 Kellie Hennessy 52 min R115.00 Details