Disciplinary hearings

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Documents also available individually.

About this product

This is a comprehensive study of how to manage the disciplinary process in an organisational environment. The product consist of a collection of documents and videos setting out the processes from initially identifying the alleged misconduct, the notices and time frames required, and the hearing process until sanction. The process is further demonstrated by way of videos. All forms and templates are included.


Why you should buy this product

Discipline is one of the core functions of any manager in the workplace, yet the most ignored function as it often difficult and confrontational. Unfortunately misconduct does not go away and this product assists the manager and Human Resources with the tools to identify and pro-actively deal with discipline and misconduct in the most effective and professional manner. The videos will assist with practical examples of how to deal with the different parts of a disciplinary hearing.



This product consists of information sheets, videos, examples and publications to explain misconduct and how to deal with it in a disciplinary hearing or appeal process from the moment the misconduct is committed untill the final warning or dismissal. Full access for 1 year