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Example of leading a witness to give evidence
This information sheet provides information regarding the presenting evidence in chief at a hearing.
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Disciplinary hearings
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Johanette Rheeder
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Example of leading a witness to give evidence Do not start your questions with: “Tell us what happened on 20 September 2007 please.” The witness does not know where you are heading and will start with evidence you do not need or are irrelevant. Lead the witness with what you want. You have strategised your case and know what you want from this witness. You will always start with some introduction questions to allow the arbitrator to place the witness. The introduction questions will also show whether the witness is independent or not. This is an example: Question 1: Please state your name and occupation and the name of your employer for the record. Please tell us how long have you been working for the employer? How do you know the applicant? Question 2: Would you please tell us where you were on the morning of 20 September 2007 at about 8.30 am? Answer: I was on duty at the Rosebank taxi rank. Question 3: What exactly did you observe? Answer: I observed a car, Mercedes Benz with the registration HJB 691 GP, loading up passengers at the Rosebank taxi rank