Event Title : POPIA Awareness Training - 1 Hour Session

Full Description

Short Protection Of Personal Information Act - POPIA Awareness Training - 1 Hour Session


Module 1 : Introduction to the Employment Equity Act and EE Amendment Act

  • Definitions
  • The role and functions of the Department of Labour the EEC and the ECC
  • The Constitution and other related legislation
  • Employment Equity - 10 years down the line - amendments

Module 2 : Prohibition of Unfair Discrimination

  • Defining fair and unfair discrimination - new definition
  • Grounds of unfair discrimination
  • Harassment and vulnerable employees
  • Diversity
  • Medical testing, psychometric testing, HIV testing,
  • Disputes about unfair discrimination - CCMA and Labour Court
  • Equal pay for equal value

Module 3 : People with disabilities

  • Definition of disabled
  • The code of conduct on disability
  • Barriers, and reasonable accommodation.

Module 4 : Affirmative Action

  • Defining affirmative action in terms of the EEA,
  • How to successfully implement Affirmative action?
  • Identifying barriers in the employment environment
  • Affirmative action measures,
  • Quotas, goals and targets,
  • The analysis and consultation processes,
  • The EE Plan and how to complete and report to the DOL,
  • Defining suitably qualified employees
  • Disputes about affirmative action

Module 5 : The Employment Equity forum

  • Role, functions, challenges of the EEC - concentrating on the union shop steward and official
  • How to achieve success in the forum
  • How to change the adversarial forum into a participatory forum

Module 6 : The codes of conduct and 2014 regulations

  • Short introduction
  • The new code on HIV and equal pay for equal value
  • Fines in terms of new EEA Amendment Act 

Module 7 : General

  • General amendments to EEAA 2014
  • Income differentials
  • Protection of employee rights
  • Liability of employers
  • State contracts and labour brokers, temporary employees
  • EE and BBBEE - a synergy or conundrum
  • Case studies
  • Trouble shooting - dealing with difficult questions and situations
  • Including a comprehensive workbook, CD with regulations, documents, articles & case studies.

Module 8 : Trouble shooting

• Dealing with difficult questions and situations