Dispute Resolution

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About this product

Dispute Resolution - This product deals with both internal an external disputes in the workplace, CCMA, Bargaining Council and Labour Court. this is a collection of information sheets, documents and templates to assist the employer and the employee in resolving internal and external disputes.


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Disputes can be a destructive force in the workplace if not dealt with speedily and effectively. Every employer, manager and employee should understand the role of disputes and how to resolve it in such a way that the work relationship is not irreparably harmed! This product will equip the employer, manager, HR or even the employee to understand the different types of dispute resolution and how to effectively apply it in the workplace, CCMA, or Labour Court.



This product contains information sheets, examples and publications dealing with the CCMA, Bargaining Councils, arbitrations, internal disputes, strikes, secondary strikes, con-arb in the CCMA, picketing, probation, unfair labour practices, union misconduct, and remuneration. Full access for 1 year.