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Confirmationary affidavit
A confirmatory affidavit is needed when a person is mentioned in the primary affidavit. The cautionary rules of evidence prescribe that without an affidavit confirming the correctness of what is averred in the primary application, the evidence is hearsay and inadmissible. A confirmatory affidavit only serves to confirm the details in so far as they relate to that person.
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CCMA and B/councils
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Johanette Rheeder
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IN THE MATTER HELD BEFORE THE CCMA OF THE GAUTENG REGION, HELD IN CENTURION Case number GAJB111-11 Between EMPLOYEE Applicant And EMPLOYER PTY LTD Respondent CONFIRMATIONARY AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPORT OF A RECISSION APPLICATION ________________________________________________________________ I, John Employee hereby declare under oath as follows: I hold the position of Senior Technician with the Respondent. I read the affidavit of Name of main deponent, supporting the application for rescission of the award of Commissioner Name Commissioner of 12 July 2013. I confirm the contents thereof as true and correct in so far as it relates to me and Employer Pty Ltd SIGNED ON THIS 12th DAY of August 2013 in Pretoria _____________________________ John Employee Page 2 I certify herewith that the Deponent has declared that he understands the contents of this affidavit, which affidavit has been signed and sworn to at (place) on this (date) and that the contents of Government Notice No 1648 dated 19 August 1977 has been complied with. _____________________________ COMMISSIONER OF OATH