Policies and Procedures

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About this product

This much needed product forms the backbone of any business and its rules! It comprises a collection of policies and procedures to be used in the workplace to ensure a consistent, well known and followed set of rules. These policies and procedures are vital to assist the employer to regulate the conduct of employees and create consistency in application of its rules.


Why you should buy this product

A workplace without rules, opens itself up to chaos and inconsistent behaviour. In order to ensure employees know and apply the workplace rules, these rules must be embodied in policies and procedures to ensure consistent behaviour and employees complying with these rules. Without these policies and procedures the employer will encounter endless battles and loose it in the CCMA! 



A collection of template policies, procedures and standard operating procedures to guide the employer to standardised and consistent application of rules and regulations. This product includes policies and procedures on discipline, misconduct, incapacity, poor performance, grievances, terms and conditions of employment, and labour relations. Full access for 1 year.