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Policy on Religious Holy Days Activities
An information sheet to give an example of a policy whereby employers can react in a consistent, equitable and fair manner when requests are received from employees for leave to partake in religious or holy days and related activities or cultural activities.
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Johanette Rheeder
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Religious Holy Days & Cultural Activities” shall mean any day of the calendar on which a religious group has any frequent or non-frequent religious activities, and/or any religious festivals, and/or any cultural activities, which are not recognized or included by Government as official paid public holidays as listed in 4.2 above and which falls on a normal or agreed working day or working hours. 5. PROCEDURE 5.1 GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS 5.1.1 The Company embrace the Bill of Rights in our Constitution, in particular our employees’ rights to Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Association and NonDiscrimination. 5.1.2 There is therefore, an understanding of the need of employees to partake in the activities, holy days and festivities of their chosen religions and cultures. 5.1.3 The Company must however, maintain an equitable balance between operational requirements of its various facilities and operations, and the unique needs of various groups of employees. 5.1.4 Management must ensure that all employees are treated fairly when any form of approval or acceptance is granted to a particularly group of employees. 5.1.5 The Company adheres to leave and payment requirements with regards to officially recognized paid public holidays. 5.2 GUIDELINES DEALING WITH RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS, HOLY DAYS AND FESTIVALS: WEEKLY AND DAILY RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES Religious Holidays and Festivals The Company recognizes only those holidays that are recognized and Gazetted as Public Holidays by the South African Government. These are deemed to be national, paid public holidays and will be administered accordingly with regards to leave and applicable remuneration. No other holy days or periods of festivities for religious or cultural reasons will be deemed to be Paid Public Holidays. Employees who wish to partake in activities during these days or periods must request vacation leave well in advance. The decision to grant such leave will lie with the appropriately empowered management of the employee, and will only be granted if operational requirements allow it.