Distance Learning

All our conventional public training courses are also offered as short courses designed for distance learning.

The training courses are presented live in modules of three sessions of approximately one hour. Although most training courses consist of one module, the more comprehensive courses consist of up to four modules. These modules are presented in consecutive morning and afternoon sessions and includes a question and answer session.

For more information or to confirm bookings, please contact us on 012 345 2955 to assist you.

Course Name Modules Date Scheduled Price
DL1 - Basic Labour Relations - The LRA & BCEA 1 17 January 2022 R950.00 Details
DL2 - Comprehensive Guide to Employment Equity 1 04 February 2022 R950.00 Details
DL3 - Transformation Management 1 TO BE SCHEDULED R950.00 Details
DL4 - Managing Recruitment and Selection 1 TO BE SCHEDULED R950.00 Details
DL5 - Latest amendments to Labour Legislation 1 TO BE SCHEDULED R950.00 Details
DL6 - Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace 1 TO BE SCHEDULED R950.00 Details
DL7 - Managing day to day HR 1 24 January 2022 R950.00 Details
DL8 - Investigating & Charging in Disiplinary hearings 1 31 January 2022 R950.00 Details
DL9 - Initiating and Chairing Disciplinary Hearings 2 07 February 2022 R2 950.00 Details
DL10 - Cross examination skills 1 20 January 2022 R950.00 Details
DL11 - Incapacity, poor performance and ill health 1 21 February 2022 R950.00 Details
DL12 - Retrenchments during COVID-19 1 07 March 2022 R950.00 Details
DL13 - Optimising your Negotiating skills 1 11 February 2022 R950.00 Details
DL14 - Conflict Management in the workplace 1 TO BE SCHEDULED R950.00 Details
DL15 - Organisational rights & Collective bargaining 1 18 February 2022 R950.00 Details
DL16 - Dealing with Grievances in the Workplace 1 28 February 2022 R950.00 Details
DL17/1 - CCMA Processes and Rules 1 TO BE SCHEDULED R950.00 Details
DL17/2 - Conducting Conciliations & Arbitrations in the CCMA 2 03 March 2022 R2 950.00 Details
DL18 - Union representation for shop stewards 1 TO BE SCHEDULED R950.00 Details
DL19 - Protection Of Personal Information Act, POPIA 1 19 January 2022 R950.00 Details
DL20 - Promotion of Access to Information Act, PAIA 0 TO BE SCHEDULED R950.00 Details
DL21 - Managing Workplace Discipline 1 28 January 2022 R950.00 Details
Important note about bookings. Your seat is not booked unless you have paid for the session. If your seat is reserved you must make a payment as soon as possible to confirm your booking. To pay for your booking, visit the My Profile page