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Publications take the form of e-books on our website and is a practical guide to HR, managers and union representatives on various labour law and employment related topics.

These publications bring together a vast amount of practical experience and labour court judgements in an understandable and practical format.

Topics covered range from labour and related legislation, CCMA arbitrations, disciplinary hearings, collective labour law, retrenchments, strike action, and other day to day issues. All publications are presented in .pdf format.

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Amendments to Labour legislation
Category Amendment acts
Summary of the latest amendments to the labour legislation of 2014, discussing the amendments to the LRA, BCEA, EEA and the Employment Conditions Bill. Publication R 240.00 Preview
Big 5 Challenges
Category Discipline
A publication which aims at assisting managers with the day to day challenges in the work place. It deals with popular topics such as poor performance, abuse of sick leave, incapacity, disciplinary code and procedures, grievances, insubordination, absenteeism, abscondment, alcohol abuse, counselling and suspension. Publication R 270.00 Preview
Chairing and initiating in disciplinary hearing
Category Disciplinary hearings
A comprehensive guide to managers and Human Recourses how to investigate misconduct, charge employees, initiate and chair a disciplinary hearing. It includes topics such as procedural and substantive fairness, schedule 8 of the LRA, progressive discipline, codes of conduct, charges, suspension, preparing for the hearing, how to conduct a hearing, leading and cross examining witnesses, evaluating evidence, making a finding, mitigation and aggravation and sanction. Publication R 310.00 Preview
Conducting Arbitrations in the CCMA and Bargaining Councils
Category CCMA and B/councils
A publication instructing practitioners how to prepare for and conduct conciliation and arbitration proceedings in the CCMA and Bargaining Councils. It includes topics such as a discussion in the CCMA and Bargaining Councils, relevant sections of the LRA, rights and interest disputes, unfair labour practices, schedule 8, unfair dismissal, dispute procedures, conciliation, con-arb, subpoena, pre-dismissal arbitration, CCMA rules and forms, preparation for arbitration, witnesses, statements, evidence and bundles, cross examination, commissioners, opening and closing statements, burden of proof, discussion on evidence, hearsay evidence, postponements, applications, review and rescission. Publication R 330.00 Preview
Effect of Legislation on your Company
Category Labour related legislation
A guide detailing the various obligations of employers in relation to various pieces of legislation. Among others, the publication discusses the following acts: Regulation of interception of communications and provision of communication related information Act 70 of 2002; Promotion to Access of Information Act 2 of 2000; Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act 12 of 2004; and Protected Disclosures Act 26 of 2000. Publication R 285.00 Preview
Introduction to basic labour relations
Category Basic Conditions of Employment
An introduction to the Labour Relations Act No 66 of 1995 (as amended) as well as the Basic Conditions of Employment Act no 75 of 1997 and an explanation of the duties; obligations and content of rights in the workplace. Publication R 250.00 Preview
Managing Conflict and Union representation
Category Trade Unions
A comprehensive guide on keeping the peace and managing conflict with Trade Unions; Employee representatives; Union representatives; strikes and picketing. Publication R 310.00 Preview
Polygraph testing and the Law
Category Polygraph testing
This publication details the rights of employees and employers surrounding the use of polygraph testing and results. The paper discusses the admissibility of such results and the persuasive value in disciplinary hearings. Publication R 150.00 Preview
POPIA toolkit - POPIA government notice 37067
Category Toolkit
POPIA toolkit - POPIA government notice 37067 Publication FREE Preview
Retrenchment and transfer of businesses
Category Transfer of business
A publication detailing the aspects of retrenchment and the transfer of business and the requirements of the LRA in terms of section 189 and 197. Publication R 285.00 Preview
Role and responsibilities of Directors
Category Labour related legislation
The publication deals with the new Companies Act and sets out the role and responsibilities of the fiduciary duties of directors. Publication R 220.00 Preview
The Employment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1998 & The Employment Equity Amendment Act 47 of 2013 - Practical Overview
Category Employment Equity
The Employment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1998 (EEA) deals with rights which are protected in our Constitution. Chapter 2 of the Bill of Rights, as contained in the Constitution of South Africa, enshrines the rights of all people in South Africa and affirms the democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom. The EEA affirms the rights of employees to equity and fairness in the work place. Publication R 220.00 Preview
The POPI Act Explained p34 0621
Category Legislation
Publication explaining The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) which seeks to regulate the Processing of Personal Information Publication R 196.00 Preview
Workplace Discipline and Dismissal
Category Dismissal
This publication details the process of disciplinary hearings and assisting employers to ensure such hearings are conducted in a procedurally fair manner. A step by step guide to discipline in the work place. Publication R 330.00 Preview
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