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DL22 - Mandatory Vaccinations in the Workplace
Course Description

Mandatory vaccinations in the workplace is a topic that is not only of huge importance to employees and employers alike, but also affects various other rights such as your right to choose over your own body and health. However, how does such a decision affect others around you, such as your co-employees and can an employer dismiss the employee for incapacity or misconduct, if the employee refuses to vaccinate? Come and attend this seminar on mandatory vaccination and the impact it will have on you, employers and employees alike.

1 module

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Module Module 1 : Overview

  1. The constitutional right of a person
  2. Comparative studies and world trend
  3. Occupational Health and Safety and other relevant COVID regulations
  4. Recent case law in the CCMA
  5. Policies and procedures of the employer - mandatory or voluntary vaccination?
    1. Implementation considerations
    2. Duties of the employer before implementing a policy of mandatory vaccination
  6. Incapacity or misconduct?
  7. Conclusion