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Disciplinary Code and Procedure with appeal process
A disciplinary code and procedure setting out the principles of discipline and misconduct. this code includes an appeal procedure.
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Johanette Rheeder
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PURPOSE AND INTENTION OF THIS CODE AND PROCEDURE Part of the Companies’ values and mission is to be a competitive player in its market and in doing so, it subscribes to a high level of professional and ethical values and service to its clients, with the aim of being recognised as a leading provider in its industry. For these reasons high standards of behaviour and performance are necessary and required of its Employees, if the Company is to succeed in a competitive environment. This Code aims at setting standards and guidelines to Employees, Supervisors and Managers alike, when it comes to conduct and performance in the workplace. The aim of this Code is to correct behaviour of Employees by providing guidelines on misconduct and the treatment thereof by the Company: Employees are encouraged to read this Code and copies thereof must be supplied to Managers and Employees. A further aim is for this Code to be easily accessible, understandable and to support consistent behaviour by management. Therefore, the main purpose of this Code is: 1. To ensure fair and equal treatment of all Employees and to ensure that all Employees are treated alike; 2. To ensure that this Code complies with the South African labour legislation and legal framework; 3. To encourage Managers to take timeous and corrective action where a misconduct arises; 4. To ensure that disciplinary action is progressive and consistent in its application; 5. To ensure corrective action in the application of discipline before an Employee is dismissed; 6. To identify acts of misconduct in order to give a guideline to Employees and management; 7. To provide a guideline for handling acts of misconduct, including the prescribed sanction for such acts of misconduct.