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COVID-19 - Work From Home Policy
Due to the COVID-19 Virus, we have drafted an example policy that can be used as a template for businesses. This document will cover the following: Introduction, Authority, Procedures, Eligibility Employee Responsibility, Equipment, Security, Safety, Hours Worked, Ad-Hoc Arrangements, Curtailment of The Agreement
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1 INTRODUCTION Teleworking, or telecommuting (Teleworking) is the concept of working from home or another location on a full- or part-time basis. Teleworking is not a formal, universal employee benefit or employee right. Rather, it is an alternative method of meeting the needs of the company and the implementation thereof is discretionary. The company has the right to refuse to make teleworking available to an employee and to terminate a teleworking arrangement with reasonable notice of 30 (thirty) days. 2 AUTHORITY Head of Departments (HOD’s) or their designees have the authority to establish Teleworking arrangements and are encouraged to give serious consideration to all reasonable requests from employees. However, Teleworking will only be authorised when it is in the best interest of the company to do so or a specific requirement of the position. 3 PROCEDURES Teleworking can consist of the following arrangements: 3.1. Informal or short term: This will include measures such as working from home for a short-term project or for various short period(s) of time, due to the personal circumstances of the employee or the need of the employer, or whilst the employee is on the road during business travel; Informal or short-term teleworking will not exceed a period up to four weeks (one month) at any given time. Any informal or short-term teleworking will be approved on a case by case basis. 3.2. Formal as per employment contract: Some employees may be required to do full time or part time Teleworking as part of their employment conditions, as their position within the Company requires Teleworking arrangements.

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