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EEC Constitution
The constitution document for an Employment Equity Committee, the keystone to the policy and commitments fostered towards development of an EE friendly environment in practice.
Employment equity
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Employment Equity
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Johanette Rheeder
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Company Employment Equity Committee Constitution By Johanette Rheeder PREAMBLE Company recognises that, from a business and moral perspective, it is important to entrench equity and equality in the workplace and to comply with all requirements of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998 (the EEA). Adherence to the EEA and other associated Labour Legislation is regarded as essential. Transformation in the workplace is an important aspect of employment equity and the company strives to provide an environment that values and fosters diversity and equality. This includes developing a culture that supports mutual trust, respect and dignity for all employees. PURPOSE AND SCOPE This EEC Charter is not intended to be a comprehensive human resources code. Transformation in the workplace is an important aspect of employment equity and this document aims at regulating the role and function of the EEC and its members.  To assist COMPANY to achieve its Employment Equity strategy and plan: The EEC will be responsible for assisting COMPANY to develop an employment equity strategy and plan that complies with labour legislation, specifically the EEA. The EEC will be responsible to communicate with the employees and relay the comments of employees to the EEC to ensure that designated and non designated employees are involved in the process. The EEC shall be responsible for the monitoring of the implementation of the EE plan and the adoption of the appropriate initiatives, policies and procedures to achieve this aim. In this regard, the EEC shall follow a consultative process and the EEC may make recommendations to COMPANY with regard to implementation or deviations and steps it propose to ensure compliance on a particular matter.  To act as consultative body in matters of equity and equality The EEC will serve as a consultative forum between the employer and the employees, representing the interest of both the designated and non designated employees across all occupational levels and categories, as applicable in COMPANY. The EEC shall consult with COMPANY, on specific issues as designated by the EEA. This shall include the consultation process, the analysis process and the outcome of the analysis, the Employment Equity plan and the report. The EEC shall assist through consultation with identifying employment equity barriers and the affirmative action measures to address those barriers. The EEC shall assist the employer with implementation of those measures identified and shall report in the EEC on the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of implementation and any deviation thereon. The EEC commits itself to deal with employment equity and equality matters only, as envisaged by the EEA. As a consultative forum, the EEC will consult with the employer with an aim to reach agreement on a wide array of equity and equality matters brought before the EEC either by the COPY RIGHT RESERVED 2 employer or the employee representatives. The EEC will therefore act as a forum where matters relating to equity and equality can be considered, reported on, discussed and debated in order to develop effective solutions.