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POPI Example Clause
This is an example of a POPI clause which may be used in an employment contract, This is only an example clause and should be adapted in accordance with your existing employment contract and policies. - should you require assistance, please use our "Ask an Expert" function.
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Johanette Rheeder
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POPI EXAMPLE CLAUSE: PROCESSING OF PERSONAL INFORMATION 1 The Employer undertakes to Process the Personal Information of the Employee only in accordance with the conditions of lawful processing as set out in terms of POPI and in terms of the Employer’s relevant policy available to the Employee on request and only to the extent that it is necessary to discharge its obligations and perform its functions as an Employer and within the framework of the employment relationship and as required by South African law. 2 The Employee acknowledges that collection of Personal Information is both necessary and requisite as a legal obligation, which falls within the scope of execution of the legal functions and obligations of Employer. 3 The Employee irrevocably and unconditionally agrees – 3.1 that he/she is notified of the purpose and reason for the collection and processing of such Personal Information in so far as it relates to the Employer’s discharge of its obligations and perform its functions as an Employer. 3.2 that he/she consents and authorise the Employer to undertake the collection, processing and further processing of the Employee's Personal Information by the Employer, for the purposes of securing and further facilitating the Employee's employment with the Employer. Without derogating from the generality of the aforestated, the Employee consents to the Employer's collection and processing of Personal Information pursuant to the Internet Email and Interception Policies in place insofar as Personal Information of the Employee is contained in relevant electronic communications.