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Big 5 Challenges
Category Discipline
A publication which aims at assisting managers with the day to day challenges in the work place. It deals with popular topics such as poor performance, abuse of sick leave, incapacity, disciplinary code and procedures, grievances, insubordination, absenteeism, abscondment, alcohol abuse, counselling and suspension. Publication R 270.00 Preview
Drunkenness On Duty CCMA
Category CCMA
information sheet by the CCMA on Drunkenness On Duty - Drunkenness on duty and partaking of alcohol on duty (whether or not the employee is intoxicated) may constitute misconduct. Forms FREE Preview
When is a dismissal fair in alcohol abuse cases
Category Discipline
Every chairperson, when deciding on a sanction, must go through a process where he or she decides whether dismissing the employee is the right or fair thing to do. A consideration of case law regarding fairness in intoxication misconduct cases. Articles FREE Preview
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