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Big 5 Challenges
Category Discipline
A publication which aims at assisting managers with the day to day challenges in the work place. It deals with popular topics such as poor performance, abuse of sick leave, incapacity, disciplinary code and procedures, grievances, insubordination, absenteeism, abscondment, alcohol abuse, counselling and suspension. Publication R 270.00 Preview
Maternity Leave
Category Basic Conditions of Employment
The information sheet details the legislative rights and duties of an employer when dealing with pregnancy in the work place. In terms of section 25 of the BCEA, pregnant employees are entitled to at least 4 consecutive months of maternity leave. Information Sheet R 190.00 Preview
Regulation of Leave – Chapter 3
Category Basic Conditions of Employment
An explanation of the statutory requirements for leave as set out in the BCEA. Information Sheet R 190.00 Preview
Code of Good Practice - Pregnancy / Afterbirth
Category Department of Labour
The Code of Good Practice on Pregnancy and Afterbirth assists employers to know the rights and duties in the accommodation and treatment of pregnant employees; as well as to assist employees to know their rights. Forms FREE Preview
Leave CCMA
Category CCMA
Information sheet by the CCMA on Leave - Sick leave, annual leave, family responsibility leave and maternity leave. Forms FREE Preview
Application for leave
Category Basic Conditions of Employment
A detailed application for leave Information Sheet R 60.00 Preview
Basic Guide to Annual Leave
Category Department of Labour
Basic Conditions of Employment legislation requires that workers get a minimum of 21 consecutive days of annual leave each year. Employers can only pay workers instead of granting annual leave when employment is terminated. Forms FREE Preview
How to regulate annual leave and yearly shutdowns
Category Basic Conditions of Employment
An information sheet on forced leave during shut down/ seasonal closure. Many employers close down for the holiday season and businesses shut down or work skeleton staff. This sometimes give rise to conflict with employees. Information Sheet R 60.00 Preview
Application for leave
Category Basic Conditions of Employment
A detailed application for leave Template R 60.00 Preview
Abuse of Sick Leave and Leave - pdf
Category Discipline
Employees are entitled to sick leave during a cycle of 36 months with the same employer. During this period the employee is entitled to sick leave equal to the days an employee will normally work in 6 weeks. In certain circumstances - abuse of sick leave is grounds for disciplinary action, however there is a fine line between misconduct and incapacity that an employer must be careful not to cross! Information Sheet R 60.00 Preview
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