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Managing Conflict and Union representation
Category Trade Unions
A comprehensive guide on keeping the peace and managing conflict with Trade Unions; Employee representatives; Union representatives; strikes and picketing. Publication R 310.00 Preview
How to deal with Union misconduct – Part 1
Category Unions and collective bargaining
An information sheet detailing liability of Union & Union official in the work place. Unions cannot escape the conduct of its members, officials and shop stewards and can be held liable for delictual damages due to the fault of the Union which caused a loss to the employer. Information Sheet R 650.00 Preview
Rights and interest disputes
Category CCMA and B/councils
A dispute of right constitutes a legal claim to which a party to the employment relationship is entitled. This entitlement is constituted by virtue of the employment contract, a collective agreement, a statute or even common law. An interest dispute involves a claim by a party which relates to something new, therefore something that party is entitled to yet. Information Sheet R 230.00 Preview
Can a union be held liable for damages during protest actions
Category Strike and lockout
An article discussing the liability of a trade union for damages caused to the public during protest actions. Information Sheet R 95.00 Preview
How to deal with Union misconduct - Part 2
Category Discipline
Part 2. An information sheet detailing what protection unions and employees have in terms of labour legislation and their liability, if any, in the event of protected or unprotected strike action. Articles FREE Preview
Secondary Strikes
Category Strike and lockout
Secondary strikes are used by employees of other employers to put pressure on the primary employer to accept the demand of the employees. Section 213 of the LRA defines it as: “a strike, or conduct in contemplation or furtherance of a strike, that is in support of a strike by other employees against their employer, but does not include a strike in pursuit of a demand that has been referred to a council if the striking employees, employed within the registered scope of the council, have a material interest in that demand.” Articles FREE Preview
LRA 4.1 Form - Request to establish picketing rules
Category CCMA
THE PURPOSE OF THIS FORM - This form is a request by a party to the CCMA to secure agreement on picketing rules during a strike or lockout. A registered trade union or employer fills in this form. Forms FREE Preview
Form LRA9.2 - Record of strike, lockout or protest action
Category Department of Labour
THE PURPOSE OF THIS FORM - An employer must keep a record of any strike, lock-out or protest action involving its employees. The employer/or relevant employer organization fills in this form. Forms FREE Preview
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