Employment Equity eCourse

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About this product

This electronic course contains avatars guiding you through the minefield of the EE legislation, ensuring that your company complies with the requirements of the Employment Equity legislation. Al the user needs are internet access, headphones or speakers, and time! This exciting course includes guidance, codes, regulations, legislation, and explanations on how to establish an Employment Equity committee, start the EE process, consultations, analysis, developing and implementing the EE Plan and reporting.  (See preview video below)


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Probably the most controversial and published part of the recent labour law amendments are the compliance part of the Employment Equity Act, 2014. Employers who who do not comply with the consultation, analysis, planning and reporting obligations of the EEA can be fined by the Labour Court up to 10% of its turnover. This practical guide will assist employers to comply with the rigorous requirements of the EEA and regulations, become EE compliant and avoid hefty fines by the Labour Court.



The e-Course consists of three modules dealing with unfair discrimination, equal pay for equal value, disputes in terms of the EEA, setting up of Employment equity forums, the consultation, analysis and planning process up to the reporting with the DOL and the compliance process. The course is supported by a comprehensive library of legislation, videos, regulations, codes of conduct and articles. Full access for 1 year.