Forensic & Risk

Forensic professionals are investigators of legal, financial and other relevant documents and data. They are appointed to investigate allegations and/or suspicions of fraudulent activity and breaches of regulatory duties and roles. Forensic denotes an investigation which provides evidence to a level, and a of a standard which is suitable for, and admissible in a court of law.

Such allegations can range from internal wrong-doing, to actions involving criminal liability. Forensic professionals often have to testify in hearings, be it at internal disciplinaries or in civil on criminal trials.

LabourSmart Services in conjunction with Core Forensics & Compliance, offer an integrated HR and forensic solution.


Our forensic services include the following:

  • Forensic investigations into allegations of breach of statutory frameworks, including fraud, theft, corruption and company policy transgressions.
  • Business intelligence on individuals and entities
  • Fraud awareness training and fraud prevention programmes
  • General anti-fraud and anti-corruption consulting
  • Organisational fraud and corruption awareness surveys
  • Assessment, monitoring and review of fraud and anti-corruption policies and programmes
  • Development of fraud and anti-corruption policies and codes of conduct
  • Litigation support such as preparation of claims, asset tracing and presentation of factual, and expert testimony
  • Data imaging, recovery, extraction and analysis
  • Dispute resolution