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Guide to Chairman - Deciding on sanctions
Category Disciplinary hearings
A document detailing the step by step enquiry a chair person must examine in order to originate at an appropriate sanction. The ultimate test for justifying a dismissal is - Has the employment/trust relationship broken down irretrievably? Information Sheet R 110.00 Preview
Sanctions in a disciplinary hearing
Category Disciplinary hearings
This article looks at the different types of sanctions to impose at a Disciplinary Hearing. The type of sanction always depends on the facts of the case, the seriousness of the case and the mitigating and aggravating factors. Information Sheet R 95.00 Preview
Automatic Unfair Dismissals
Category Dismissal
A dismissal is automatically unfair in terms of section 187 of the LRA if the employer dismisses an employee for reasons relating to organisational rights or for reasons relating to unfair discrimination, participation in a protected strike or pregnancy. Information Sheet R 150.00 Preview
Disputes about unfair dismissals
Category Dismissal
An information sheet detailing the procedure; compensation; rights & obligations surrounding perceived unfair dismissals and the rights of an employee to approach either the CCMA or Labour Courts after a dismissal. Information Sheet R 285.00 Preview
Code of Good Practice - Dismissals
Category Department of Labour
Code of Good Practice on Dismissals - This code of good practice deals with some of the key aspects of dismissals for reasons related to conduct and capacity. Forms FREE Preview
Con-Arb CCMA
Category CCMA
Information sheet by the CCMA on Con-Arb - Section 191 now makes provision for the con-arb process, which is a speedier one-stop process of conciliation and arbitration for individual unfair labour practices and unfair dismissals. (Mar 2002) Forms FREE Preview
Constructive Dismissals - a difficult case to prove
Category Dismissal
An article discussing requirements to be proven when alleging constructive dismissal by an employer. Information Sheet R 95.00 Preview
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