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New Code of Good Practice aimed at eliminating Harassment in South African workplaces – Inclusive of Sexual Harassment To expand upon the current understanding of Harassment in workplaces, to include the new code of good practice which is aimed at eliminating harassment as a whole. The new code of Good Practice was developed to be inclusive of various additional forms of Harassment. This course will equip employers with a befitting understanding of what their obligations in respect of Harassment in the workplace entails, inclusive of outlining their new requirements proposed for all employers alike. It will further assist employers in relation to legislation and the applicable processes to be followed. The three-hour online workshop is designed to provide guidance on how to identify Harassment under the new code; how to deal with the challenges of Harassment; what the applicable procedures are to follow within the ambit of legislation, and Policies of the employer. The workshop should be attended by managers, HR managers and practitioners, shop stewards, and union representatives.

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