Course Name
C3 - Transformation Management
Course Description
This course deals with transformation within the workplace and how it is affected by BBBEE, employment equity and affirmative action and diversity management. The employer or the transformation committee will not only have a better understanding of the legislative requirements and implementation of transformation and change in the workplace through Affirmative action, but will also practically be able to assist employers to affect change (transformation) in the workplace.
1 day
R2 950.00

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Module 1 : Introduction to BBBEE and Employment Equity

 definitions,
 the Constitution and other related legislation
 new BBBEE Legislation and amended Codes of good practice
 Development of a BBBEE and EE strategy and practice and how to apply it in line with procurement polices
 Case studies on successful implementation of BBBEE and EE in businesses

Module 2 : EE – The concept of Unfair Discrimination:

 defining fair and unfair discrimination – new definition,
 grounds of unfair discrimination
 harassment, and vulnerable employees
 diversity
 Equal pay for equal value and disputes

Module 3 : Affirmative Action:

 defining affirmative action in terms of the EEA,
 How to successfully implement Affirmative action?
 Identifying barriers in the employment environment
 Affirmative action measures,
 quotas, goals and targets,
 the analysis and consultation processes,
 the EE Plan and how to complete and report to the DOL,
 defining suitably qualified employees
 disputes about affirmative action
 duties of employer with regard to AA

Module 4 : Overview

Skills development and its role in successfully implementing Affirmative action

Module 5 : The Employment Equity forum and transformation committees:

 role, functions, challenges of the EEC and transformation committee
 how to achieve success in the EE forum/ transformation committee
 how to change the adversarial forum into a participatory forum

Module 6 : Advancement of women into senior management

 gender equality
 50/50 representivity
 Barriers or challenges preventing women from climbing the corporate ladder
 EEA role to obtaining equality
 Public sector vs private sector
 Role of government in promoting equality

Module 7 : EE & BBBEE

 EE and BBBEE – a synergy or conundrum
 case studies
Trouble shooting – dealing with difficult questions and situations
Including a comprehensive workbook, CD with regulations, documents, articles, case studies.