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C5 - Latest amendments to Labour Legislation
Course Description
The latest amendments to the Labour Laws in South Africa have been published and implemented. These amendments still provide challenges to employers and the implementation of many of them have not been tested properly in court. These amendments embody the biggest drive to recognise employees as human capital and not as a commodity any more, regulating inter alia the labour broker relationship and temporary employment contracts, concentrating on vulnerable employees. This presentation is designed to provide employers with a synopsis of the amendments, and new Act, equipping them with enough information to plan ahead and not be caught off guard by these comprehensive amendments.
1 day
R2 950.00

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Module 1 : Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Act 7 of 2018

  • National Minimum Wage in terms of BCEA
  • Daily wage payments
  • Proportional adjustments in terms of sectoral determinations
  • Extending the jurisdiction of the CCMA and Councils
  • Extending the functions of Inspectors 
  • Fines

Module 2 : Labour Relations Amendment Act 8 of 2018

  • Picketing
  • Meaning of ballot

Module 3 : National Minimum Wage Act 9 of 2018 (“NMWA”)

  • To whom does the Act apply?
  • What is the minimum wage and how frequently is it updated?
  • Unfair labour practices under the NMWA
  • Basic terms of contract
  • How to calculate a wage for the purpose of the NMWA
  • Exemptions
  • Learnership allowances

Module 4 : Labour Law Amendment Act

  • Parental adoption and parental leave
  • Parental benefits from UIF

Module 5 : Employment Equity Amendment Bill 2018

  • Setting sectoral numerical targets
  • Psycometric testing
  • Additional functions of the Labour Inspectors regarding the EEA

Module 6 : The Canabis decision – how must employers deal with alcohol and drug use in the workplace

Module 7 : Assign Services – The effect of the Constitutional Court judgement on Labour Broker relationships

Module 8 : Racism in the workplace – the latest developments in the law

Module 9 : The latest amendments to the CCMA rules (2019)