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Managing Conflict and Union representation
Category Trade Unions
A comprehensive guide on keeping the peace and managing conflict with Trade Unions; Employee representatives; Union representatives; strikes and picketing. Publication R 310.00 Preview
How to deal with Union misconduct – Part 1
Category Unions and collective bargaining
An information sheet detailing liability of Union & Union official in the work place. Unions cannot escape the conduct of its members, officials and shop stewards and can be held liable for delictual damages due to the fault of the Union which caused a loss to the employer. Information Sheet R 650.00 Preview
LRA 5.2 Form - Representative trade union applies to establish a Trade-Union based workplace forum
Category CCMA
THE PURPOSE OF THIS FORM - This form is an application by one or more trade unions, which are recognised by an employer for the purposes of collective bargaining to represent all employees (except senior managerial employees), for the establishment of a workplace forum. An application may only be made if there is no existing forum established in terms of the Act. A trade union fills in this form. Forms FREE Preview
Form LRA6.9 - Application by amalgamating Trade Unions for registration
Category Department of Labour
THE PURPOSE OF THIS FORM? This form is an application for registration by trade unions that wish to amalgamate. The Secretary of each of the trade unions that are amalgamating fills in this form. Forms FREE Preview
Registered Trade Unions
Category Trade Unions
A list of all the registered Trade Unions in South Africa with contact details and other information for Oktober 2014 Information Sheet FREE Preview
How to deal with Union misconduct - Part 2
Category Discipline
Part 2. An information sheet detailing what protection unions and employees have in terms of labour legislation and their liability, if any, in the event of protected or unprotected strike action. Articles FREE Preview
Organisational rights and the right to bargain
Category Unions and collective bargaining
Employers and unions alike sometimes confuse the organisational rights granted by the Labour Relations Act based on the level of representation of the union and the right to bargain. The union may, wrongly, think it is entitled to bargain with the employer once it reached majority status. Certain rights are afforded to the sufficiently representative union and to the majority union. Section 11 to 16 of the LRA deals with the organisational rights afforded to unions. Section 12, 13 and 15 allow the sufficiently representative union to have access to the workplace, its subscription levies deducted and time off for its officials. Once majority status is achieved, the union becomes entitled to appoint union representatives and to access of information in terms of section 14 and 16. Information Sheet R 95.00 Preview
Trade unions - How to deal with power play
Category Unions and collective bargaining
A trade union is in essence an association of employees with its principal purpose to regulate relations between the employer and the employees on matters of mutual interest. This includes collective-bargaining, dispute resolution, the representation in disputes and effectively working together in achieving labour peace in the workplace and increasing employee participation in workplace matters. Information Sheet R 95.00 Preview
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