Employment conditions

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About this product

It is a collection of documents, information sheets, templates, draft contracts and appointment letters to formalise the relationship between employer and employee in an organisation. The content of this product concentrates on the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and its stipulations and the appointment of Labour Brokers, temporary and part time contracts and independent contractors.


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Starting off with identifying the relationship and embodying it in an agreement is the foundation of the relationship with employees. Every employer needs to understand the different types of relationships and what the law requires in each instance. In every employment relationship employers must understand and comply with basic conditions.



This bundle provides the employer with all necessary forms to employ, transfer or outsource an employee within the regulations as stipulated in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. How to manage the employment conditions of the employee, from the date of employment until termination of employment. This includes basic conditions of employment, employment contracts, amendment to employment conditions, vulnerable employees, outsourcing, transfer of business, labour brokers and independent contractors. Full access for 1 year.